FairFem and myMidori join forces to offer you the sustainable gift basket, FAIR. 


Fairly-made chocolate pairs perfectly with this fairly-made bracelet.


Choose 1 of 3 different types of sustainable vegan chocolate and 1 of 2 different colors of the ethically-made bracelet, Daydream.  This Fair Gift Box makes a great gift for your chocolate-loving friends and family, who also like a touch of color in their day!   


All gift boxes are mailed in a recycled cardboard box and wrapped in recyclable gift paper.  We are happy to include a handwritten note, too!



This whimsical combination of artisan sea-glass, shells, and paper beads make up the Daydream Bracelet, available in a sage green and a cream color combination.

Ethically handmade by 31 Bits artisans in Uganda



Creating specialty chocolate which provides you with a dynamic and delightful flavor experience is Kürzi Kakao’s passion. To create their chocolate, they source the highest quality ingredients from around the world which are specially processed to bring out their unique flavor potential. All of the ingredients are vegan, fair, and sustainable.

Gift Box FAIR