FairFem and myMidori join forces to offer you the sustainable gift basket, FEMININE. 


This gift basket celebrates your femininity!  Enjoy 1 of 4 Bloom Muesli flavors (based on your cycle, see below for more!) and 1 sustainable Woron bra/panties set in black or white.  Based on availability.


All gift boxes are mailed in a recycled cardboard box and wrapped in recyclable gift paper. We are happy to include a handwritten note, too!



The smooth fit MOVE BASE is a sustainable soft-bra. The soft-bra can be used for every occasion, but is especially suitable for various sports/movement, such as Pilates and Yoga because of its extra support and tight fitting. It slips on easily without the need for fastenings, and has adjustable straps so you can personalize the fit. The cups give the bust a natural shape and a great support.  Woron uses the sustainable fabric modal which naturally has an anti-bacterial property to it. Combined with its super soft, second skin feeling; this makes it the perfect choice for a bra!



One of Woron's most popular and sustainable underwear is BRIEF BASE! They are the perfect fitted brief knickers. The BRIEF BASE undies have a classic mid-rise design and are great for every day wear.  As with the bra, the sustainable fabric modal is used so they are incredibly soft and nice to wear all day (and night). You will almost forget that you are wearing underwear! Modal is irritation free and naturally prevents the growth of bacteria. 



Each of the BLOOM muesli combinations include an excellent balance of macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates), as well as powerful micronutrients that are fundamental for our reproductive system and wellbeing. In addition, they include tiny yet potent seeds based on the seed cycling protocol, a functional medicine practice of eating certain nutrients  at specific times of the menstrual cycle in order to support healthy hormonal balance.

  • Pretty in Pink contains a well-balanced combination of flax and pumpkin seeds based on the seed cycling method, which supports our hormones along the first phase of the menstrual cycle called menstrual phase. During this phase, it is extremely important to ensure that our intake of Vitamin C is sufficient, given the fact that this enables iron (an essential element for blood production) to be absorbed into the body more easily. Strawberries, therefore, are one of the smartest and most delicious treats to consume along these days. Besides being high in antioxidants, these little wonder fruits contain vitamins and minerals that are important for brain function, protecting our body's cells and positively affecting our mood!
  • Berry Passionate contains a well-balanced combination of flax and pumpkin seeds based on the seed cycling method, which supports our hormones along the second phase of the menstrual cycle called follicular phase. This BLOOM has goji berries as its protagonist, and it tastes just HEAVENLY. Full on antioxidants, super fresh and vibrant, this mix goes perfectly along with our increasing energy levels characteristic of the follicular phase, as well as that light sensation that follows our period. Gojies, traditionally used in Chinese medicine, are also known for supporting estrogen production, necessary for the proper formation and maturation of follicles in the ovary.
  • Crazy in the Coconut contains a well-balanced combination of sesame and sunflower seeds based on the seed cycling method, which supports our hormones along the third phase of the menstrual cycle called ovulatory phase. The high levels of the antioxidant glutathione that coconut contains support the first phase of detoxification in the liver, vital around ovulation. These nutrients are important because they promote vascular and anti-oxidative well-being for our ovaries, so we can create the healthiest egg possible! Coconut, already dreamy delicious itself, now in combination with the toasty-almonds, make THE combo. Really, it does not get any better than this…
  • Chococashew contains a well-balanced combination of sesame and sunflower seeds based on the seed cycling method, which supports our hormones along the fourth phase of the menstrual cycle called luteal phase. Besides being a super potent antioxidant, cacao is a great dietary source of magnesium, a nutrient necessary for a healthy stress response and relaxation. So, great news for all the chocolate lovers! The chococashew BLOOM has REAL cacao, which loads it with amazing healthy fats necessary for cholesterol production—what our hormones are made of!


    Shipping Policy

    All shipments are dispatched by Swiss Post and are only shipped within Switzerland.  For all orders below 150 CHF, shipping is charged at a flat rate of 10 CHF.  For all orders at and above 150 CHF, shipping is free.  Any shipping costs are calculated on the final Check-Out page.  

    Items will be shipped in compostable mailers and if a larger purchase, in a recycled cardboard box.  Standard handling and delivery time is 4-10 business days.

    Return Policy

    Any undamaged, unworn, unwashed, and unused product with their original tags and packaging can be returned or exchanged.

    Please send an e-mail to info@fairfem.ch or contact us within 5 business days of receiving the item and note the reason for returning, whether you would like to exchange the item, receive a store credit, or receive a refund.

    Upon our confirmation of the return, return the item(s) with its included accessories and packaging along with the original receipt within 10 business days.  Upon receipt of the good(s), we will either exchange it (with shipping costs based on the original method) or offer a refund.  

    The following products are not eligible for return:  gift boxes, undergarments (including panties and bras), swimsuits, jewelry, and sale items.

    For full policies, see here.

    FairFem is an online shop based in Switzerland that focuses on sustainable, fair, and eco-friendly fashion, with the goal of empowering women throughout the supply chain.

    Sustainability & Fairness in Fashion

    What does sustainability mean to us?  Sustainability is the holistic practice of ensuring that all stakeholders (including mother nature, humans and animals) can peacefully coexist with one another. It is about ensuring that future generations are able to live on our planet with their needs met. It's about treating all stakeholders with the dignity they deserve.  The brands that we select are also ethical brands.  They work closely with their suppliers and seamstresses.  In several cases, the jobs provided to the women at the beginning stages of the supply chain are also provided with additional life skills trainings.

    The practices of FairFem are also as sustainable as possible.  The environment is always forefront in our minds as we develop our processes.  This includes how the clothing is shipped:  in compostable mailers from noissue.co.

    Femininity in Fashion

    Define femininity for yourself.  Every woman should feel comfortable in her own skin - which is a goal of FairFem.  Choose clothing accordingly.  

    Empowering Women Throughout

    A main theme of FairFem is ensuring women are empowered throughout the supply chain.  This means the women who are working on creating the clothes to the women managing the clothing and jewelry labels.  What does female empowerment mean?  At FairFem, we believe that empowering a woman enhances the agency she has to make decisions on her own.  This could mean providing a woman with economic opportunities for her to live an independent life.  It could also mean ensuring a girl has equal educational opportunities as the boys in her community does.

    FairFem strives to empower females by supporting female-owned labels, all of whom support women throughout their company's supply chain.

    Giving Back

    Not only are our brands meeting the above pillars, but we also give back to organizations that promote elements of the above.  Every few months we choose a different organization to donate a portion of our proceeds toward.  For instance, the first organization is Fashion Revolution Switzerland - the Swiss chapter of a global movement trying to reform the fashion industry to use sustainable and ethical practices.  Upcoming organizations include those focusing on female empowerment.


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