FairFem and myMidori join forces to offer you the sustainable gift basket, GREEN. 


This gift basket combines the softness of organic cotton in the socks, the delicious floral scent of soap, and the practicality of a hemp basket. 


Choose 2 of 4 different colors of from Woron’s organic cotton socks (2 different sizes).  Based on availability.


All gift boxes are mailed in a recycled cardboard box and wrapped in recyclable gift paper. We are happy to include a handwritten note, too!



We love Woron's organic cotton socks. The socks are not just soft and extremely nice to wear. The socks are made of luxurious Egyptian Organic cotton and they are designed to give you a smooth and soft fit. Your feet will thank you!



Circle Soaps is an ethical company that produces handmade, cold process soaps, with organic plant-based ingredients, natural botanical colours like spices and clays, and pure organic essential oils. The Florist soap is made with red clay which gives this soap its lovely pink colour and also has gentle oil absorbing properties. Scented with palmarosa and lavender essential oils.



This hemp basket has a special place in myMidori founder's heart.  Valentina's mother wanted to make something special for her shop, so she combined traditional practices with modern design.  Romanian hemp is an excellent renewable resource, sustainable, organic, antibacterial, durable and resistant.

Gift Box GREEN