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We will work together to find the perfect outfit to help you feel empowered.  Through a virtual meeting, we will discuss your style, your fashion goals, and what empowerment means to you. 

What type of outfit makes you shine?  Sporty and comfortable?  Business professional? 

Which colors draw out your confidence?

This discussion will help us determine a collection that will fit your needs and desires.  Once the collection is confirmed, enjoy free shipping on us.


*A free discussion to go over your fashion desires.

*Unlimited collection suggestions until YOU feel right with the outcome.

*Free shipping:  one for the initial order and if needed, one for the first exchange.

*A 15% discount for a future purchase of over 100 CHF.

Empower Me

A core thought of FairFem is that fashion can help us feel empowered.  This is why we strive to not only help the women at the early stages of the supply chain, but also the end consumer.  We developed the Empower Me program to help achieve this. 

What is the Empower Me Program?
How does it work?

1.  Register here.

2.  We will reach out to you to set up a time for our 1-1 virtual meeting.

3.  At the meeting, we will talk about your personal style and what you would like to achieve through fashion.

4.  FairFem will carefully curate a collection based on your style, desire, and budget.  We will send it to you for your approval.  Not a fan?  We will work together until you feel right.

5.  The package will be sent to you.  Satisfied? Keep it and enjoy feeling empowered through fashion.  Not satisfied?  Shipping for the first round of exchanges is on us.   A new outfit will be shipped to you.

Let's find the perfect outfit together!

What's the catch?

Before the 1-1 discussion is scheduled, you will receive an invoice for 150 CHF.  This must be paid before the call is confirmed.  This amount represents the minimum amount that will be paid toward your collection.

Once the first collection is confirmed by both parties, an invoice will be issued for any additional amount spent toward the collection.  For instance, if the total cost of the collection is 200 CHF, you will pay one invoice of 150 CHF and another invoice of 50 CHF.

Shipping is paid for the first shipment.  While you have unlimited exchanges, we will cover the cost of only the first return shipment.  All additional shipping costs are then charged to you. 

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