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Throughout the year we will select several charities or organizations to contribute a percentage of our profits.  Each organization will have a mission of empowering girls and women through various ways and/or support moving the world to be more sustainable with fashion practices.

The selected organization will be featured here, as well as a link if you would like to contribute directly.

If you have a charity you would like us to select, send us a message.

Action for Women


Action for Women seeks to break the cycle of vulnerability for refugee women at risk, and survivors, of gender-based violence through psychosocial support and shelter for recovery and healing, and learning and livelihoods for meaningful integration within Greek society.

It is a Swiss-based organization whose work is their collective experience of programming for women displaced by conflict, violence and persecution, and their passion for women’s rights.

With the donations from FairFem, this will help Action for Women support their basic needs, such as utilities/water for a month in their shelter and pay toward their teacher who teaches the refugee women basic IT-literacy skills.

Rugby tackling life

Rugby tackling life

Empowering girls in Uganda.  Through rugby. 

Rugby Tackling Life, a NGO based in Uganda, is using the meaning of the game to support Rugby playing girls and women. In this context they can encourage the girls to lead a self ruled live. Rugby creates an optimistic team atmosphere which conveys trust and support and allows the girls to talk about sensitive topics, for example, sexual violence and reproductive health.

Rugby Tackling Life feels responsible for their girls and young women to inform them about alternative ways of life.  Not only do they learn the inherent skills of the sport, but RTL helps with school fees, job trainings, and helping the girls feel empowered to make informed decisions based on their desires.

FairFem will donate a portion of our proceeds to RTL to help with the empowerment of these girls and young women.  You can also support RTL with a purchase from COOFFEEE, delicious coffee beans or grounds from Uganda. 



Fashion Revolution kicked off a global movement asking clothing brands #whomademyclothes.  Their aim is to show that change is possible and encourage those who are on a journey to create a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion.  

Fashion Revolution Week kicked off on April 20th, so it was a perfect fit for our first organization to give back.  FairFem donated a portion of our proceeds to the Switzerland chapter of Fashion Revolution in the form of an annual membership.

Join the Revolution!

FairFem is an online shop based in Switzerland that focuses on sustainable, fair, and eco-friendly fashion, with the goal of empowering women throughout the supply chain.

Sustainability & Fairness in Fashion

What does sustainability mean to us?  Sustainability is the holistic practice of ensuring that all stakeholders (including mother nature, humans and animals) can peacefully coexist with one another. It is about ensuring that future generations are able to live on our planet with their needs met. It's about treating all stakeholders with the dignity they deserve.  The brands that we select are also ethical brands.  They work closely with their suppliers and seamstresses.  In several cases, the jobs provided to the women at the beginning stages of the supply chain are also provided with additional life skills trainings.

The practices of FairFem are also as sustainable as possible.  The environment is always forefront in our minds as we develop our processes.  This includes how the clothing is shipped:  in compostable mailers from noissue.co.

Femininity in Fashion

Define femininity for yourself.  Every woman should feel comfortable in her own skin - which is a goal of FairFem.  Choose clothing accordingly.  

Empowering Women Throughout

A main theme of FairFem is ensuring women are empowered throughout the supply chain.  This means the women who are working on creating the clothes to the women managing the clothing and jewelry labels.  What does female empowerment mean?  At FairFem, we believe that empowering a woman enhances the agency she has to make decisions on her own.  This could mean providing a woman with economic opportunities for her to live an independent life.  It could also mean ensuring a girl has equal educational opportunities as the boys in her community does.

FairFem strives to empower females by supporting female-owned labels, all of whom support women throughout their company's supply chain.

Giving Back

Not only are our brands meeting the above pillars, but we also give back to organizations that promote elements of the above.  Every few months we choose a different organization to donate a portion of our proceeds toward.  For instance, the first organization is Fashion Revolution Switzerland - the Swiss chapter of a global movement trying to reform the fashion industry to use sustainable and ethical practices.  Upcoming organizations include those focusing on female empowerment.

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