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Mission Statement

At FairFem, we believe in the power of empowerment and sustainability in fashion.


This is our mission.


We, as consumers, have the ability to make a difference.  Supporting brands which focus on fair and sustainable fashion not only empowers those in the supply chain, but the woman as a consumer.  


A purchase from FairFem supports this full circle of empowerment, while promoting sustainable and fair fashion.


The Pillars of FairFem

Sustainable & Fair Practices.

When selecting brands for FairFem, we strive to ensure that they use sustainable and fair methods throughout the supply chain.  This means using organic fabrics.  This means paying employees fair wages and ensuring quality work conditions.  

Each brand achieves sustainability in various ways.  Check out our selected brands to learn more.

Femininity in Fashion.

Femininity is in the name.  We want our customers to feel sexy, confident and comfortable from their purchases with FairFem.  Further, we believe that femininity is defined on an individual basis.  Our wide range of styles ensure that our customers have the ability to choose pieces that match their version of femininity - whether that is a little black dress or a loose-fitting Tee.   

Empowerment of Women.

Ensuring the empowerment of women throughout the supply chain is a key element of FairFem.  When scouting brands, we took this pillar particularly to heart.  Although women continue to be the minority in terms of fashion brand leadership, all of the brands on FairFem are female-owned and designed.  Further, in many cases, the brands support women in lower links of the supply chain - such as the dressmakers.


About Me

If you asked me a decade ago about female empowerment or sustainable fashion, my response would have been limited.​

My first dive into these themes was through my Masters program and visits to Uganda.  I quickly learned the 'power of empowerment' and its ability to make drastic changes in a woman's life.  Years later, I learned about the destructive impact of fast fashion.    

Why not reduce the negative effects of one, while increasing the positive effects of another?  The desire to meet this goal inspired me to open FairFem.

Thank you for your interest in supporting FairFem's mission and the empowerment of women around the world!


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